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August 06
• Edited (Aug 06, 2023)

Whether you’re here to work toward weight loss or strength-building, this is a space to engage with your fellow athletes! Share thoughts, tips, selfies, bitch, complain, vent, ask questions, support and lift others!!!!

September 25

I’m Push Poo’ng 😂😂 my way thru MVP! Just finished week 6 Friday session. Am still sore in the chesticles in the best way from 2 days ago. Hope everyone else is feeling great and meeting their goals!

September 17

Enjoy the process, not just the results. You’ll find your inner athlete committing to an entirely new level of drive and effort.

September 17

Are the workouts all only in video form? Do you have a pdf of the workout to take with me to gym? Thanks!

September 18
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My Cardio Weekend Bonus session features a baby Samson! He’s such a sweet baby!!!!

September 18

Even when I am feeling totally exhausted (thanks to my upcoming cycle...) my weights are telling a different story! My DBs are adjustable which is great but the greatest downfall of them is they only increase my 10 lb increments. So when 20 pound lunges are too light, I have no other choice but to jump  to 30.  So I have no other choice but to go all in haha

September 19

Not only was this week’s mini perfect for today, but made us smile! Roman is a natural athlete. We loved seeing him join his mom/trainer extraordinaire. The example you are showing your sons is amazing. They are not only learning about fitness, but teamwork, encouragement, listening, family, and all other life skills that will make them fabulous men some day. What a blessing on a Tuesday morning.

September 21

Holy moly am I feeling it today. I was able to catch my first live in months last night. I’ve been in a slump this whole summer…and I have been watching from the sideline. At 7:45pm I saw Jenny’s post on IG that she was going live. I looked at my husband and said, “ I’ll see you in an hour..” It was the best split decision I could have made. Showing up is always the hardest part. I’ve missed this!

September 23

Since I'm new, just curious as to what y'all do after the 8 week MVP program? I know she mentioned a beginner program with a nutrition component in late October, but just curious as to what's next...or if y'all just choose any program you want to do. Thanks! ☺️

September 21

Back and biceps followed by the yoga/core workout- what an awesome combo. for me today! Didn't realize how much I need to have yoga in my program! Felt great! Happy Thursday! 💪🏻🧘🏼‍♀️