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Use this thread to share, check in, ask questions, complain, commiserate, encourage, brag, and Selfies are always a plus!!!

May 18

Fabulous kick off to Saturday! LOVED this workout. Jump road was my cardio - always go for dbl revs for the amt of time we have.
BURPIES for the win! Thought of it as icing on the cake! Loving this Beach Shred♡


Happy Mother’s Day!
Share/post your family/mom, those that are with us, & those that have passed but still with you everyday in ❤️.
Have a blessed day, athletes!


We have any salty babes from OKC?
I need someone to go do something active with…


Inch worms to pop to rolls were soooooooooo fun! Happy Friday❤️❤️❤️

May 15

Nothing makes me feel more powerful 💪💪 than saltmakers!! 🧂❤️


Just did yesterdays leg day. I’m sure I have said this before but that was the hardest one yet!!!🔥🔥🔥4 rounds of Bulgarians 😳🥵☠️WOWZA JENNY!

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I Was definitely Vibin with this full body workout! I feel so much better afterwards and loved getting my sweat on!


NEW TIME ON SATURDAY!!! Mother’s Day celebration is causing me to move the live to earlier! Session will be 8am live, on demand no later than 9am!
These boys say thank you, I can now attend Jiu Jitsu practice with Mom day 😍

April 15

8 weeks starting May 6.
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